Welcome to St. Pauls, NC
    • Located in southeastern North Carolina, St. Pauls is perfectly situated to access many major carrier routes across North America. St. Pauls is located at the intersections of Interstate I-95, US Highway 301, NC 20, and near NC 87. It is 50 miles south of I-40 and 68 miles north of I-20.


    • Major cities close to St. Pauls include Fayetteville, NC just 15 miles to the north, home to Fort Bragg, the 82nd Airborne and the Special Forces Command, Lumberton, NC just 11 miles to the south, Raleigh, NC 90 minutes away, Charlotte, NC just 3 hours away, Florence, SC just an hour away, and the coastal cities of Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC just 90 minutes away.


  • Nearby attractions include sites along the Historic Lumber River, the golf headquarters of the southeast at Pinehurst, NC, the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, NC, beaches less than 90 minutes away including Myrtle Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington, NC, and of course the beautiful Appalachian Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway about 4 hours drive away.

Why Choose St. Pauls

There are million great reasons, but we'll give you ONE!

We're in the PERFECT LOCATION for your business to thrive.  Situated on the major North-South route of the Eastern US, I-95.  Less than one hour south of the major East-West route across the US, I-40.  Within 30 minutes of I-20.  Less than 3 hours from Charlotte, NC on the future Interstate corridor of I-76.  If logistics is important to your business, then we've got exactly what you need.  Access!


Over 3000 Happy Residents


6000+ Completed Projects

St. Pauls is known as "The Little Town with the Big Heart" and for good reason. People here take care of each other, and this care transcends Saint Pauls, NC.  The Little Town with the BIG HEART!all economic, racial and ethnic differences.


The people of this community care. This caring manifests itself in many ways. There are enough volunteers to staff two volunteer fire departments, one rural and one city, and a rescue squad. When a fire does occur, and leaves a family homeless and/or possession-less, the community pitches in to lend a hand. Ministers and pastors from many area churches have formed an organization which collects and disburses money for families facing emergency situations, and this includes travelers off I-95 whose vehicles break down or who just run out of money.  But the most amazing example of how St. Pauls cares is its John Walker Memorial Christmas Fund, a Lions Club project which began in 1986. Each year, in about six weeks, citizens donate thousands of dollars, over $18,000.00 in both 1998 and 1999, to assist less fortunate families at Christmas.  To thank those who work to make St. Pauls such a fine place in which to live, a citizen group annually presents The Meacham Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service. This award was first presented in 1993.


CENSUS DATA for the Town of St. Pauls

St. Pauls town Population Growth: Census 2000 to Census 2010

According to St. Pauls town Census 2010 results, the population of the area was approximately 2,035 people. From 2000 to 2010, the St. Pauls town population growth percentage was -4.8% (or from 2,137 people to 2,035 people).

St. Pauls town Population Growth

Population Growth
2000 Population 2,137
2010 Population 2,035
Population Growth -4.8%

St. Pauls town 2010 Population by Age

St. Pauls town Racial Breakdown

Under 10 Years 15.9%
10 to 19 Years 12.1%
20 to 29 Years 14.3%
30 to 39 Years 12.1%
40 to 49 Years 12.6%
50 to 59 Years 12.9%
60 to 69 Years 10.5%
Over 69 Years 9.6%

St. Pauls town Census 2010 Race Data

Census 2010 race data for St. Pauls town include the racial breakdown percentages of 18.5% black, 0.2% Asian and 25.1% Hispanic.

St. Pauls town Racial Breakdown

Race & Origin (Hispanic)%
White 48.9
Black 18.5
Indian 5.4
Asian 0.2
Islander 0.1
Other 0.1
Two 1.7
Hispanic 25.1

St. Pauls town 2010 Housing Units: Occupied versus Vacant

There were 865 housing units in St. Pauls town, 92.3% of which were occupied housing units.

Occupied Housing Units versus Vacant Housing Units

Housing Units: Occupied vs Vacant
Occupied housing units 92.3%
Vacant housing units 7.7%

Who Are We



Gerard Weindel /Mayor/

City Council


Evans Jackson /Town Board/



Deborah Inman /Town Board/

Public Advocate


Jerry Quick /Town Board/



Annie Stephens/Town Board/

City Council


Donna Patterson /Town Board/



Elbert Gibson /Town Board/

Public Advocate


 J. R. Steigerwald/Town Manager/