Mayor "Buddy" Westbrook welcomes the new Walmart Neighborhood Store to St. Pauls, NC


Town of St. Pauls Business Opportunities


The Town of St. Pauls wants to help make your business a success.

To this end, we make it as easy as possible to open and run a business in our town. Usually you can find all the information you need to begin your business in one location, our Town Municipal Building. Our helpful staff will assist you with your required business licenses, your water and sewer hookups, your business inspection permits, your fire inspections and any other items which may be required prior to opening your doors.

Generally speaking, it only takes a few days to have your business opening and thriving. You can call ahead and we'll try to have everything you need waiting on your arrival. Our ordinances explain what types of businesses may locate where, but if you aren't sure, just call us. We can assist you in finding the right area for your type of business. There are a number of excellent locations in our downtown area currently available for lease or purchase.

We will gladly put you in touch with the owners or landlords of those currently available. We'll be glad to eMail a list of currently available properties. Just request a list using the Contact form on this site.