Town of St Pauls, NC Emergency Management Services Department


St. Pauls Volunteer Emergency Medical Unit

Members of the St. Pauls EMS:



Commander Earl Johnson

Deputy Commander Jacqueline Dean
Secretary Sonya Johnson
Captain Brice Altman
Lieutenant Stanley Dean
Privacy Officer Mechelle Jolly



Jennifer Altman
Sylvia Blanks
Jessica Dean
Jordan Dean
Jefferson Failen
Anna Gurley
Michelle Howard
Thomas Howard
Crystal Jean
Megan Jolly
Miles Jolly
Stacey Justice
Brian Lupo
D. Everette Odom III
Michael Reynaud
Tammy Taylor
Ashley Walters
Anna Watson
Willie Watson
Doris Kelly Wiggins
April Williamson
Tammy Williamson

Jr. Members


Brandy Hewitt

Town of St. Pauls

Folks enjoy the pace of life here, the freedom to be who they want to be, and the ability to achieve their goals without the limiting restrictions most large municipalities tend to impose.  We want our folks to be HAPPY here!

Gordon "Buddy" Westbrook

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fax 910-865-3849
  210 W. Blue Street

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