Grass clippings can be an expensive nuisance

Have you thought about what happens to grass clippings that get blown into the street?  Would it bother you if you knew that grass clippings blocking drains is one major reason the rain does not drain out of the street?

The fact is that grass clippings that flow into the storm drain system are a big hindrance in getting storm water out of the street.  Once grass clippings flow into a storm drain, they clump together and form dams that restrict water flow through the pipes.  This problem is created by residents as well as by commercial vendors who cut grass for their customers.

The Town of St. Pauls has a policy that makes blowing grass clippings into the street a violation.  This article is to inform the public that if Town officials see grass clippings in the street, you will receive a warning with an explanation as to the reason for this policy. If it happens a second time, a $50 fine will be issued that the state statutes stipulate. The $50 is for each violation.  If the fine is not paid, the Town will place a lien on the property.  Please be aware that the fine is issued to the property owner and not the commercial vendor or the renter.

The Town provides a service to remove clippings from the property if it is piled on the curb near the street.  Each residence pays $15 a month to help pay for this service.  We are asking all property owners to please take advantage of this service and not force the Town to fine you.  If you see a neighbor blowing the clippings in the street, please talk to them and make them aware of the issue and ask them nicely to keep the clippings on their property and out of the street, until the grass can be picked up.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Town Hall at 865-5164.