Town of St. Pauls, NC Police Department


The St. Pauls, NC Police Department Staff


R. Thomas Hagens - Police Chief

Brent D. Adkins - Captain
Michael Seago - Detective
Anthony McMillian - Sergeant
Carroll McNeill - Police Officer
Harrington Locklear - Police Officer
Javier Lopez - Police Officer
Michael Owens - Police Officer
Bradley Rountree - Police Officer
Brian Walker - Police Officer

 Gilford Locklear - Police Officer
Neal Locklear - Sergeant - School Resource Officer
David Perkey - School Resource Officer
Ricky Taylor - Dispatcher/Animal Control
Robin Colvin - Dispatcher
Hazel Walters - Dispatcher
Tammy Williamson - Dispatcher
Sierra Wright - Dispatcher

Town of St. Pauls

Folks enjoy the pace of life here, the freedom to be who they want to be, and the ability to achieve their goals without the limiting restrictions most large municipalities tend to impose.  We want our folks to be HAPPY here!

Gordon "Buddy" Westbrook

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